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Research Areas

Visual Communication Laboratory

Jia-Shung Wang

EECS Building R831

Implementation and research on VOD(Video on Demand)

Broadband Computer Communication Research Laboratory

Duan-Shin Lee

EECS Building R845

Network Design, Switch Design, Wirelss Networks, and Queueing Theory

Multimedia and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory

Arbee L.P.Chen

General Building II R701

Multimedia Database Management Systems and mobile data management

Natural Language Systems Laboratory

Jason S. Chang

Delta Building R708, 709

Communication between ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign; at all times and in all countries

VLSI/CAD Laboratory

Chung-Laung LiuYoun-Long Steve LinChung-Hao WuTingTing HwangShih-Chieh ChangTing-Chi WangChun-Yao WangKeh-Jeng ChangWai-Kei Mak Chih-Tsun Huang

EECS Building R222~R223 & R225~R232

Research focus on VLSI design and CAD

Real Time Laboratory

Wei-Kuan Shih

EECS Building R730

Real-time system related implementation, theory and research

Multimedia Network Laboratory

Wen-Tsuen Chen

EECS Building R731

Wireless networks and Quality of Service(QoS)

Algorithm Lab

Chia-Tung Lee

General Building II R717


Parallel and Distributed System Laboratory

Chung-Ta King

EECS Building R733 & 734

Apply distributed, embedded systems and wireless networks to achieve Pervasive/Ubiquitous computing

VIP Laboratory

Long-Wen Chang

EECS Building R735

Research on image and vision-related problems

PRIP Laboratory

Chaur-Chin Chen

EECS Building R737, R738

Research on image and graphics-related problems

Programming Language Laboratory

Jenq-Kuen Lee

EECS Building R843, R844

Parallel language design, optimizing compilers for embedded systems, PDA middle-wares, softwares in Java environment, DSP, and parallel computing softwares

Internet Laboratory

Hwa-Chun Lin

EECS Building R745

We design applications and analyze performance over the internet

Artificial Inteligence Laboratory

Von-Wun Soo

EECS Building R830

Research on machine learning

High-Speed Network Laboratory

Nen-Fu Huang

General Building II R705

Design and management of high speed networks

Computer Vision Laboratory

Shang-Hong Lai

Delta Building R721, R722

Computer Vision-related techniques, including human-face detecting, tracing, and recognizing; 3D models, motion detection, industrial detection, facial and body animation

Multimedia Processing Laboratory

Chiou-Ting Hsu

Delta Building R739, R740

Image processing, data compression, digital water marking, and multimedia indexing techniques

Parallel Processing & Algorithm Laboratory

Biing-Feng Wang

EECS Building R837, R838

Parallel computing and algorithm design

Information Security Laboratory

Hung-Min Sun

Delta Building R718, R719

Information Security, Deep Learning, BlockChain, Program Trading

Distributed Computing Laboartory

Ming-Jer Tsai

EECS Building R833, R834

Design and analyze routing techniques in wireless networks

Software Engineering Laboratory

Chin-Yu Huang

Delta Building R730, R731

Software Engineering, Reliability, Testing, Recovery, and Error-correction

Embedded System Laboratory

Jane win-shih

General Building II R741, R745



Chung-Ta King

EECS Building R733, 734

Embedded System related laboratories

PL Lab

Jenq-Kuen Lee

EECS Building R844, R843



Pai H. Chou

Delta Building R702, R703



Yi-Shin Chen

Delta Building R701


Logos Embedded System Design Automation Lab

Ren-Song Tsay

General Building II R736, R737, R738

Multi-core Simulation, Virtual Platform, Design Automaiotn, System Verification & Debugging


Ching-Te Chiu

Delta Building R733, R734


Laboratory of Algorithm and Data Structur

Wing-Kai Hon

Delta Building R706, R707,

Algorithm, Data Structure

Communications and Networking Lab

Jung-Chun Kao

Delta Building R735, R736

Wireless Networks


Jyuo-Min Shyu

EECS Building R223

Microelectronic systems design, low-power embedded systems, electronic nose systems, technology management

LU Lab

Chin Lung Lu

Delta Building R737, R738

Lab tools for multiple sequence alignment with constraintsLab tools for genome rearrangement and evolutionary tree reconstructionLab tools for RNA structural prediction, comparison and search

VL Lab

Hwann-Tzong Chen

Delta Building R741, R742

Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning


Che-Rung Lee

Delta Building R744


NetDB Lab

Shan-Hung Wu

Delta Building R723, R724

Database SystemsData MiningWireless Networking and Mobile Data Management


Jerry Chou

EECS Building R835, R836

Storage infrastructure for Cloud computingIndexing system for high-performance computingEnergy efficient system design for Green computing


Cheng-Hsin Hsu

EECS Building R741, R742

User-Profile-Driven Dynamic Data TransferVideo Streaming over Hybrid NetworksReal-Time Coding in Mobile Cloud GamingTraffic Pattern Based Geo-Fecning AlgorithmsAsymmetric Communication ProtocolsTraffic Analysis of Networked Virtual Environment


Hung-Kuo Chu

EECS Building R839, R840



Chun-Yi Lee

Delta Building 606 



Min-Chun Hu

EECS Building R841, R842







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