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B.S. degree in Computer Science

The design of our Bachelor curriculum emphasizes the learning of core concepts of computer science and the development of professional skills. To help students develop professional knowledge and abilities, the CS Department reduced the number of required courses and enhanced the content of required courses, meanwhile, providing elective courses in many areas of computer science.
Program Requirements
In addition to university requirements (i.e., 28 units of general education courses), there are specific CS requirements: CS students must take the required elementary courses (30 units) and the required core courses (20 units). To meet breadth requirements, CS students must take at least specific numbers of courses in the three principal categories (categories A, B, and C). To meet coverage requirements, CS students must take additional EE/CS courses for a total of 21 units, as well as free electives for a total of 14 units.
For more information, please refer to here or contact the department office. (These regulations are adopted in Chinese, which shall prevail in case of any discrepancy between the English translation and the Chinese original.)
Multi-Dimension of Computer Science and CS Curriculum Flowcharts
The field of computer science encompasses a remarkably diverse and fertile set of technological areas, including theory and algorithm, computer network, system software, IC design, and multimedia and image processing. According to personal interests, students have the flexibility to select courses in one or multiple areas for breadth and depth learning. The flowcharts of these areas are available here to help your course selection.

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